Zelen Barrel

Dry white wine

  • Variety: 100 % Zelen
  • Origin: Vipava Valley, Slovenia
  • Serving temperature: 10–14 °C
  • Maceration: 4 days
  • Maturation: 2 years in 500 l oak barrels

Descriotion: Intense soft green color with a mild yellow shades. Aroma of the wine, reminds us on Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, laurel and lavender with a hint of ripe peach. Harmony of freshness and maturing in the wood is leaves a soft, rich and long aftertaste.

Food and wine pairings: We recommend the wine, next to all vegetable dishes, especially various risotto and asparagus dishes. Next to the vegetable dishes, Zelen is the best combination to all type of fish dish (trout, tuna, catfish,..). Mature Zelen goes well also next to matured cheese.